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I’ve always known I was a builder - from elaborate lego creations as a kid, to skateboard obstacles as a teen, to framing houses and creating and funding my own boardgame product in college, it seems the process of turning a concept into a reality is my calling. 


I always loved what I built. But, as I completed more projects, I discovered I was really in love with how I built rather than what - there seemed to be a universal process one could cultivate to create something that worked, not just alright, but the exact way it was intended to. Authors like Don Norman soon pointed out to me the extent and depth of this process called design, the value of asking why, and how it relates to nearly everything we interact with daily. From there I was hooked, and I started to gravitate towards the rapidly growing and ever-improving area of human-computer interaction.


Computers and the vast number of ways they improve and optimize our lives are not going anywhere. With the accelerating speed of technological progression, it's often hard to grasp the power that is now at our fingertips - conceptually, and literally. 

Through understanding the habits of our fingertips, our other senses, and our minds I hope to help create technologies that aid, inspire, and change the world.

Let's make things that are truly by humans, for humans.