In 2017, a friend and mentor asked me to take a concept for a mock economy game he had thought of, and see if I could sell it. Before I knew it, I was designing my first product. It wasn't long after that I became hooked on the process of design and could see how vastly powerful and applicable it was.

My goal is to create digital experiences that are intuitive, effective, and engaging.  I have worked with small scale and enterprise-level companies to create a variety of interfaces. I love finding creative solutions to challenging design problems.  

I begin my design process by understanding all of the context I can about the problem at hand; by asking why until a logical path to a solution can be found. Clickable prototypes are an effective strategy I use to ensure the solution meets user needs and software development constraints.

I have a deep interest in problem-solving and true curiosity about how interfaces can be best created to work harmoniously with human psychology.  

I'm a 23-year-old UX & Interaction designer based in Austin currently working at ALTR


UX Designer - ALTR Software

2020- Present

Austin - TX

Web Designer and Developer - Superior Opt

2019- 2020

Austin - TX

UX Designer - Booth IQ


San Fransisco - CA


General Assembly - San Fransisco


User Experience Design Immersive

Santa Clara University - Santa Clara


Environmental Science

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